About Us

Milstead Farm Group is central Alabama’s most modern cotton gin. It was constructed in 1998 just off I-85 in Shorter AL. Its origins began when area farmers saw that the older “plantation style” gins in the area were inefficient and did not have the capacity to gin large crops in a timely manner.

The group’s goal from the onset was to create value by maximizing lint while preserving the quality of the fiber. We pride ourselves in using the most modern equipment and methods in order to increase value for our producers. We utilize technologies like the Uster Inteligin System and the Louvermax System which limits fiber loss through reducing excessive cleaning. Along with fiber retention, Milstead implements an advanced moisture restoration system which increases bale weights by applying moisture to each bale when needed. Our customers are served by multiple warehouses in the area, along with options from merchants for “Gin Direct” contracts. Milstead’s customers also take advantage of over 14,000 tons of cottonseed storage capacity which yields an increased seed price for their crop. 


We believe that our producers have worked hard and made sacrifices to grow and harvest the best crop possible. It is our duty to yield the maximum value for our producers during the ginning process.

Joey Scarborough


Leobardo "Leo" Vasquez


Donna Dicks

Office Manager